[b-hebrew] Alleged meaning of ecclesia in OT

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sat Dec 18 11:10:38 EST 2004

On 17/12/2004 18:27, George F Somsel wrote:

>The )oHeL MoW("D is called the SKHNH MARTURIOU in the LXX.  See Ex 33.7.
But this is a mistranslation based on a misunderstanding of MW(D. This 
word does not mean "witness" or "testimony", from the root (WD, but 
"congregation", from the root Y(D, as was recognised by BDB.

The same confusion underlies the translation of ("DW.T as "testimony", 
also used with )OHEL for the Tabernacle, and especially in Psalms 19 and 
119. This word is also derived from Y(D and refers to something 
appointed by God, rather than to a witness or testimony.

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