[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53:8

Vadim Cherny vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Fri Dec 17 13:26:51 EST 2004

Karl Randolph wrote:

> The pre-Masorites were able to read Tanakh quite well, and I find that I prefer to read the unpointed text as it often makes more sense. <

In other words, unpointed text offers more leeway to reach preconceived meaning.

> All you need is to read in context, know Biblical Hebrew grammar and what are the possible pronunciations and acceptable alternate spellings, have an understanding of Biblical Hebrew vocabulary, <

Surely not. Take lamo, bmotaw - they are misinterpreted, unless vowels are fixed.

What you are seemingly trying to prove is that evil Masoretes invented vocalization to confuse Christians. No. Masoretes only put down whatever they heard. And when they heard the word they don't understand, they wrote it down "as is" and marked accordingly. This is the honesty. Masoretes needed not to invent vowels: every Jewish boy learned them since bar Sheta. Tanakh was a living tradition.

Vadim Cherny

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