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Checking the Hebrew, the word ekklesia is used to translate QHL in Hebrew. One time it is used for LHQT and a couple of times it was used to translate the idea of assamblage where neither the specific term QHL nor a  synonym was used.

I noticed that while "ekklesia" in Greek is used to translate QHL, it is never used for MW(D. Which word(s) did the translators of the LXX use for the latter? I thought that calling out for a meeting in Y(D was closer to ekkalew than QHL with its idea of assembling, unless the Greek understanding of ekklesia was necessarily a public assemblage, while MW(D could be and often was a private meeting? What words did the LXX use for Y(D and MW(D? What other words did they use of QHL? ( QHL was not always used for a called out meeting or assemblage, but also refered to a collection of nations, as in Genesis. )

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> Dear Dora,
> > I have to check this out.   Doesn't quite look like a Hebrew word to me ....
> > grin.
> >
> > I am taking a not very academic class at church on the Gospel of Matthew.
> > We are using a definitely not all that academic text.   In Matthew 16:18, it
> > says that on Peter Jesus will build his church.   Text says that the word
> > ekklesia is also used in the OT to mean "community of the faithful".
> >
> However, the word EKKLHSIA does occur a hundred times in the 
> Septuagint, and it does mean the community or assembly there, with 
> reference to the people of Israel. The word occurs in Deuteronomy, 
> Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 1 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and 
> Nehemiah.
> Here are the verses where it occurs. I give the English: (read original posting)
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> 					Harold Holmyard
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