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Before the Masorites invented the vowel points, all Hebrew was read without points with no problem. All I have done is to return to pre-Masoritic practice. The pre-Masorites were able to read Tanakh quite well, and I find that I prefer to read the unpointed text as it often makes more sense.

All you need is to read in context, know Biblical Hebrew grammar and what are the possible pronunciations and acceptable alternate spellings, have an understanding of Biblical Hebrew vocabulary, then most of the text can be read easily and readily understood. No problem. Oh yeah, occasionally you have to analyse a sentence to discern which is the subject, verb and object if any, but as long as you know what you are looking for, and what is allowed and not allowed from the grammar and written text, and the meaning usually follows.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Karl:
> How do we know that it is lamo, not lmo in Isaiah? Well, if you 
> don't believe Masoretes wrote absolutely correct, you have no 
> material to study the Bible, since every word could be vocalized 
> differently to suit almost any meaning.
> Vadim Cherny
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