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> > >That would be reading "Yam Soph". While this has been suggested, it is
> far
> > >from clear.
> > >
> > >Yigal

Legends endure, and among the working cast and slaves Yam Soph really looked 
like the end of the world from where the sit.  Many thought of escape and the 
reply was always "That's the end of the world.'"  If you examine the southern 
shores of the Great Sea you will see a bay at the beginning of the Red Sea, 
many reeds grow there and it would be deep enough that God could have performed 
the miracle and drowned the Egyptians.  I lived near the Chesapeake Bay and 
one year in the 70's a great wind blew all the water out of the bay so that one 
could walk across.  Boats were docked on mud.  Three thousand five hundred 
years ago the Great Sea had a much different shape then now.

I always figured to understand their times you must think like them.

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX

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