[b-hebrew] Alleged meaning of ecclesia in OT

Dora Smith villandra at austin.rr.com
Thu Dec 16 00:38:29 EST 2004

I have to check this out.   Doesn't quite look like a Hebrew word to me ....

I am taking a not very academic class at church on the Gospel of Matthew.
We are using a definitely not all that academic text.   In Matthew 16:18, it
says that on Peter Jesus will build his church.   Text says that the word
ekklesia is also used in the OT to mean "community of the faithful".

OK, it is specifically supposedly used in Solomon 16:13, Job 17:16, Isaiah
38:10, and Ps 9:13, 69:15.

Now, I was under the impression that while the Gospel of Matthew was written
in Greek,  tehse passages were written in Hebrew, tell me if the word used
was Ekklesia?   What word is actually used in those passages?

By any chance, is ekklesia substituted fin the Septuagint?    Some passages
of the Septuagint were outright rewritten in the process of translation -
does anyone happen to know what the entire passage means?

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
villandra at austin.rr.com

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