[b-hebrew] Re: g(r Psa. 106:9 - exorcism? (B. M. Rocine)

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> Yam Suph is the Reed Sea, so-called because of it's elongated reed-like 
> shape. In this case it is an allegory of the passions of the Egyptians 
> against the Israelites. God will suppress and hold back the passions of 
> man from doing any real harm to a believer who calmly walks on to the 
> other side of the turmoil without getting caught up in it himself.  If a 
> man allows himself to be caught up in the passionate emotions during 
> controversy or strife, he will be walking in the flesh and no longer be 
> walking according to the spirit and will be doomed to be a part of the 
> strife and will sin too.

Hi Darrell,

"Yam Suph" also means "sea at the end of the world."

Doug Pickrel
Tejas Valley
San Antonio, TX

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