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> Yam Suph is the Reed Sea, so-called because of it's elongated reed-like
> shape.


How would the ancients have known what the "Reed Sea" is "shaped" like,
without good maps or satalite images - both of which were unavailible? More
likely, IF indeed "Yam Suph" does mean "Reed Sea", that the name reffered to
the reeds that grew in it. And, as I'm sure you know, there is no agreement
in scholarship as to which body of water is meant.


> In this case it is an allegory of the passions of the Egyptians
> against the Israelites. God will suppress and hold back the passions of
> man from doing any real harm to a believer who calmly walks on to the
> other side of the turmoil without getting caught up in it himself.  If a
> man allows himself to be caught up in the passionate emotions during
> controversy or strife, he will be walking in the flesh and no longer be
> walking according to the spirit and will be doomed to be a part of the
> strife and will sin too.
> Darrell
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