-mw suffix (was Re: [b-hebrew] Isaiah 53:8)

Vadim Cherny vadim_lv at center-tv.net
Mon Dec 13 12:13:30 EST 2004

> So is it possible that LF^MOW and L:MOW are simply different forms of
> the same lemma, with a rather regular stress shift? It looks as if
> LF^MOW is the pausal form and L:MOW is a reduced form (cf. a construct)
> used mostly when phonologically dependent e.g. joined by maqqef.

While not impossible, lmo and lamo being the same lemma is unlikely. First,
schwa expanding into full kamatz is too much. Normally, pausal forms see
expansion of either short or the reduced vowels, while schwa in lmo is more
or less original. I submit, l+hem+o is more likely origin for lamo.

The right question is, in my opinion, different: what the "o" means?
Unlikely that it is 3ms. Rather, perhaps, it is the same o of collective
plurality which is better known as -ot or -on suffixes with confirming

Vadim Cherny

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