[b-hebrew] g(r Psa. 106:9 - exorcism?

C. Stirling Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 13 16:09:57 EST 2004

Psa. 106:9 wyg(r byM-swP
Psa. 106:9     He rebuked the Red Sea

J.A. Fitzmyer* suggests that g(r is sometimes used as a technical term for
exorcism. I am specifically focusing on the use of g(r with YAM (sea) as an
object. Fitzmyer** suggests that the verbal address is not directed at what
a modern would think of as the sea but rather at some spiritual entity and
that the verbal address functions as an exorcism.


Clay Bartholomew 

*A Wandering Aramean, J.A. Fitzmyer, Page 97.,

**Luke 1-9 (AnchorBible v.28) J.A. Fitzmyer, pages 546,730.

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