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The -MW suffix is used well over 170 times in Tanakh, less than a third of those connected to the L- prefix. When we take into account all the uses of the suffix, there are several times that it refers to a singular object. That is more than the at least three times (Genesis 9:26-27, Isaiah 44:15) that it is connected to the L- prefix referring to a singular object. Examples include Genesis 19:15 referring to the dawn, Exodus 15:5 where it refers to "a stone", shall I go on? You need to refer to all of these uses, not to restrict yourself to those connected to the L- prefix.

I agree that the majority of uses is plural, but not by a long shot all.

The insistance that the -MW suffix has to have a plural meaning comes from its use in Isaiah 53:8 because of the theological implications of its use as a singular in that verse. Therein lies the impetus to eisegete a plural meaning into verses that have a singular construction.

It seems to me that the use of the -MW suffix indicates an emphatic, as in he does obeissance to that very piece of wood Isaiah 44:15, or as that very dawn broke Genesis 19:15.

Karl W. Randolph.

Ps. I noticed that the list you referrenced does not include all the uses of LMW, where the L- prefix is used with the -MW suffix. Why were those examples omitted?

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From: "Samuel Arnet" <samuel.arnet at theol.unibe.ch>
> Karl Randolph wrote:
> > The construct LMW occures over 50 times in Tanakh. Though the
> > majority of its uses are for plural subjects, it refers to what is
> > unquestionably a singular subject often enough that the numerical
> > value of the -MW cannot be determined from the form. The only people
> > I have run into before who insisted that LMW had to be plural did so
> > for ideological, not linguistic, reasons.
> L/F^MOW is a plural form. For a discussion, and some literature, see
> http://whi.wts.edu/WHI/MORPH/BugTracker/7
> Samuel
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