[b-hebrew] Hebrew fonts for Microsoft Word and the HTML

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Wed Dec 8 13:56:56 EST 2004

The Unicode standard makes Hebrew largely font-independent. MS Word and
Explorer handle right-to-left Hebrew very well, if using the Unicode
One of the best free packages including a beautiful Unicode Hebrew font,
instructions for configuring your system, a basic overview of Unicode's
benefits, and two options for keyboard layout can be found at the SBL site:

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Ph.D. (cand.), McMaster University
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> I'm having problems finding a suitable program in which to do 
> Hebrew word processing. I bought Dagesh Pro, it works great, 
> but the files do not import to Word. I have used SIL Ezra 
> font's, but I'm having a difficult time getting them to write 
> right-to-left. What is the best option for hebrew word 
> processing for writing/publishing? 
> Also, I am composing my own website, what is the most common 
> Hebrew Font for HTML web pages?

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