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Mon Dec 6 16:38:34 EST 2004


Thanks for sending the pictures.

The coin is "modern", i.e. within the last couple of centuries. It is not Hebrew, but could be Yiddish.

Chris' suggestion sounds good to me, to visit WWW.MINELAB.COM .

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Joseph Fishkin, MD" <joseph at fishkinmd.com>
> Karl,
> Here you go. C1.JPG shows both sides, the rest are blowups.
> Yosi Fishkin, MD
> www.GoDaven.com
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> Dear Joseph:
> Just because a coin has "Hebrew" writing on it does not mean that 
> it is a Hebrew coin, it could be Phoenician. Please send me 
> pictures so I can take a look, for I know ancient Hebrew writing.
> Yours, Karl W. Randolph.
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> From: "Joseph Fishkin, MD" <joseph at fishkinmd.com>
> >
> > A man in California recently found an old coin while metal
> > detecting at low tide in a harbor. The coin clearly has Hebrew lettering,
> > but he doesn't have access to any Jewish resources near where he lives. He
> > went online to search for Jewish information, came across my website, and
> > decided to send me pictures of the coin. It's the size of a US silver dollar,
> > and has Hebrew lettering on both sides, but I can't figure it out, because
> > it's clearly not in modern Hebrew. I'm looking for any historical, or coin,
> > experts who could help identify this coin - I have pictures I can email you.
> > If anyone has any recommendations who I should show this to, that would be
> > appreciated as well.
> >
> > Please help solve this mystery...
> >
> > Yosi Fishkin, MD
> > Yosi at FishkinMD.com
> > www.GoDaven.com - The Worldwide Minyan Database
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