[b-hebrew] Warning regarding attachments

Kirk Lowery klowery at whi.wts.edu
Tue Aug 31 10:56:22 EDT 2004

George F. Somsel wrote:
> b-haverim,
> I just noticed in reading a post  that this forum is permitting
> attachments unlike many other lists (Hmm -- how observant!  I've probably
> seen such many times).  I had the misfortune recently to receive an
> e-mail from a friend whom I thought was exercising his sense of humor in
> attaching a particular file.  Unfortunately, it contained a virus.  

The administration setting for b-hebrew is for *no* attachments to be 
allowed. Nor for html to be allowed (scripts that do Bad Things can be 
embedded in html). This has never been permitted. If the email came 
directly from ibilio.org's servers, then I need to inform them their 
list software isn't working. But I have received no email attachments 
from b-hebrew.

One possibility is that the message sent to you was sent directly from 
another reader. Or the return address was "spoofed" as if it came from 

If you like, you can forward the message to me -- including all the 
Internet headers, and I can evaluate it.


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