[b-hebrew] Re: Species of genitive (James D. Price)

DrJDPrice at aol.com DrJDPrice at aol.com
Mon Aug 30 23:11:53 EDT 2004

Dave Washburn:
This is fascinating.  I have been working for several  years on the idea that 
the construct relation in Hebrew is actually built on  a reduced verbal 
clause, a clause built around what I call a "relator" verb  (i.e. one that 
semantically denotes some sort of relationship).  I  prefer the term "clause" 
over "sentence" and hence I usually notate S as Cl,  but that's mainly just a 
quibble over terminology.  In any case, what I  speculate is

N - V(r) - N --> N(cs) - N

which to me looks a lot  like your map above.  What do you think?

It looks very similar. Actually, my theory of phrases goes back to a more  
general rule that I propose accounts for all phrases:
X|S(X) * T(ds) ==> X + Modifier
where X may be N, A, D, or V [noun, adjective, adverb, verb]; and T(ds)  is a 
deletion-substitution transformation. While the "|" may often be  similar to 
a relative pronoun where 
X = N, that condition is not necessary in general. S may be a clause in  its 
simplest form, but is not limited to a clause.
I presented a paper on the syntax of Hebrew noun phrases a few years  ago at 
a regional ETS meeting. Anyone interested in a copy may contact me  off line.
Jim Price

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