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On 30/08/2004 13:28, Joe Baker wrote:

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> Peter - Thanks for the correction on Rohl. I am well aware of his 
> main  work but I did not know that he had recently corrected his 
> obvious  error. My information about his timeline for dynasty 19 and 
> 20 came  from his (now defunct) web-site. While this web-site is no 
> longer  available directly the page can be retrieved using the 
> archival  internet "wayback machine". This page is archived at
> http://web.archive.org/web/20010222202019/http://www.nunki.net/ 
> PerRenput/TimeLines/NCEgypt.html
> Here you will see that originally he had Setnakht dying in 866 BC 
> with  Tausert acting as regent from 862 BC before becoming pharaoh and 
> dying  in 855 BC - an impossible 11 years after Setnakht.
Thank you for this link, which helps me to understand some of Rohl's 
thinking although it is obviously not his latest version. I see he takes 
Rameses IV-VIII as successive co-regents of Rameses III, and Rameses XI 
also as a co-regent - or perhaps a rival.

The main change from this link to "From Eden to Exile" seems to be a 
compression of the late 19th dynasty, which is acheived mostly by 
cutting out a separate reign for Seti II and making him a co-ruler with 
Amenmesse. But this does seem to conflict a bit with Rohl's old "HD" 
data (highest attested regnal year?)

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