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Mon Aug 30 01:44:59 EDT 2004

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From: "Peter Kirk" <peterkirk at qaya.org>
> How about Daniel 9:25,26? This is a passage whose interpretation is very
> controversial among Christians, and I would be rather interested to hear
> what Jews make of it as well.
> And then there are passages like Psalm 2:2, 132:10,17, 1 Samuel 2:10
> which refer primarily to the anointed king of Israel but are taken by
> many to have a secondary reference to the Messiah.
Daniel 9:25,26 is probably the closest the Tanakh gets in using the term
Ma$iax to describe the FUTURE king of Israel (however note that there, no
reference is made to his being descended from David - he may very well have
had a Priest in mind). Considering the very late date of the composition of
Daniel - probably the latest book which made it into the Tanakh, that goes
to prove my point - that the term Ma$iax only came to be used for a future
savior during the Second Temple period.

As far as the rest of the passages that you cited, as you said,
understanding them as referring to a future Messiah is a matter of secondary


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