[b-hebrew] Rabshakeh vs. Hezekiah (2 Kings 18:19-22)

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>>then the chief butler's misunderstanding is not surprising since his 
>>culture presumably had no concept of a god who should be worshipped only 
>>at one single sanctuary. But this is what YHWH had asked for, at least 
>>according to the Torah, and was the attested practice from the time of 
>>the Exodus at least until Solomon's day, although the location of the 
>>central sanctuary varied from time to time.
>>From the Exodus on?  I may be wrong, but I don't think your summation is
>correct.  Was the central sanctuary ever authorised at Gilgal where
>Samuel inaugurated the Kingship (1 Sam 10-1 Sam 11)?  Or at Bethel? 
>Maybe you can tell me whether the ark was sometimes at Gilgal or Bethel?
>Amos didn't seem to think that these places were kosher.  

In Samuel's time, after the fall of Shiloh, presumably Gligal, safely 
distant from the Philistines, was used as a temporary central sanctuary 
- although without the ark as the Philistines had captured it and for 
some reason (perhaps because of its fatal reputation) was not returned 
to a central sanctuary as soon as it was found. It was certainly one 
central place where all the Israelites gathered, before a permanent 
central sanctuary was built at Jerusalem. I didn't say anything about 

Bethel was inaugurated as a shrine by Jeroboam I after the time of 
Solomon, and was clearly considered unauthorised by the Jerusalem 
priesthood as well as by the Judahite Amos - and of course the ark was 
never there. Presumably at some time Gilgal was reinstated as a 
sanctuary by the northern Israelites, and also considered unauthorised 
by the Judahites. But the divided kingdom period is outside the 
timescale I mentioned.

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