[b-hebrew] The Exodus' mention in Egyptian Annals ?

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On 29/08/2004 16:30, Joe Baker wrote:

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> Peter I see you follow Rohl and have some of his material on the 
> chronology of this period. Read carefully and you will see that he has 
> Setnakht ruling and dying before Tausert. Now this under any condition 
> is impossible. Look up tomb 14 on various websites - the best is at 
> http://www.thebanmappingproject.com/. This tomb was started for 
> Tausert during the reign of her step son Siptah. By the time she 
> became king work was being conducted on her burial chamber. Later when 
> Setnakht became king he took it over and had a second burial chamber 
> dug that began where Pharaoh Tausert's ended and extended further into 
> the mountain. Now as I said Rohl has Setnakht dying before the reign 
> of Tausert, yet his tomb, by its very nature, must have been 
> constructed after the death of Tausert.

In "From Eden to Exile" chapter 16, my only Rohl source on this period, 
the dates seem to be as follows:

Rameses II 943-877
Merenptah 888(co-regent)-877 (forced to flee to Kush soon after his 
father's death)
Amenmesse 877-873 (= Osarsiph, usurper backed by Asiatics)
Seti II ??-873 (co-regent with or rival of Amenmesse, died about the 
same time as Amenmesse)
Siptah 873-868
Tausert 868-865 (regent from 873)
Setnakht 865-859
Rameses II 863-832 (initially as co-regent)

In this version, Setnakht (son of Merenptah) does not die before the 
reign of Tausert. In fact he returns from exile in Kush and overthrows 
Tausert and her Asiatic backers.

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