[b-hebrew] Yom Kippur

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sun Aug 29 16:05:27 EDT 2004

On 29/08/2004 02:41, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> Well, then, the "Greek" form of Mashiach does not know, consider or 
> define, "Mashiach" properly.  Mashiach has certain functions to 
> perform, it is not just a general idea.  Christ fulfilled none of 
> them, ...

You mean, surely, that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled none of them (a point 
which I will not dispute here). If you call him Christ, you are calling 
him Mashiach but just in a different language.

> ... therefore those who think Christ and Mashiach are not different 
> concepts, either do not understand the concept of Mashiach, or would 
> like to supplant the Jewish ideas of Mashiach, with their own ideas of 
> Christ.
I think it may be that they do not understand the Christian concept of 
Christ (which I will not try to explain here).

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