[b-hebrew] The Exodus' mention in Egyptian Annals ?

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> Marianne the reason why Josephus said that the exile occurred in the 
> Egyptian month of Pharmouti is because when he wrote his work (the AD 
> 80's) the Hebrew month of Nisan mostly corresponded with this Egyptian 
> month.

This is likely so, but Pharmouti took place in the spring at other times, 
too.  At the time of the routing of the Hysos it did--which is when Josephus 
believed *the* exodus occurred.  The salient point is, though, that Josephus did 
not write the Bible.  Whoever wrote the BOE said that the exodus took place in 
the spring--so we have to go along with that--and take a time when Pharmouti 
was in the spring.  Which it was not always.

> Peter I see you follow Rohl and have some of his material on the 
> chronology of this period. Read carefully and you will see that he has 
> Setnakht ruling andmonth.
>  dying before Tausert. Now this under any condition 
> is impossible. Look up tomb 14 on various websites - the best is at 
> http://www.thebanmappingproject.com/. This tomb was started for Tausert 
> during the reign of her step son Siptah. By the time she became king 
> work was being conducted on her burial chamber. Later when Setnakht 
> became king he took it over and had a second burial chamber dug that 
> began where Pharaoh Tausert's ended and extended further into the 
> mountain. Now as I said Rohl has Setnakht dying before the reign of 
> Tausert, yet his tomb, by its very nature, must have been constructed 
> after the death of Tausert.

Beware, Joe, lest the wrath of the Rohlites fall upon thee! ;-(    BTW, what 
Joe says is absolutely right.

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