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I'm sure that everyone on this list knows that the literal meaning of Ma$iax
in the Tanakh is "anointed" - someone who has had oil poured on his head.
This can be either a king or a priest, and even a foreign king (such as
Cyrus in Isaiah 44-45). "Christos" is simply the Greek translation of the
same. "The Mashiah" in the sense that the word is used in Judaism (or in
Christianity, for that matter) is a late Second Temple and later
development, both linguistically and conceptually. I don't know of a single
place in the Tanakh where I would read the word Ma$iax to LITERALLY mean
"Messiah" in the later sense.
Does anyone have any examples to the contrary?

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> Well, then, the "Greek" form of Mashiach does not know, consider or
> define, "Mashiach" properly.  Mashiach has certain functions to
> perform, it is not just a general idea.  Christ fulfilled none of
> them, therefore those who think Christ and Mashiach are not different
> concepts, either do not understand the concept of Mashiach, or would
> like to supplant the Jewish ideas of Mashiach, with their own ideas
> of Christ.
> Shoshanna
> >> Jeremiah was talking about life after Mashiach, not Christ.  When
> >>all people will know who G-d is......
> >>
> >But "Christ" is simply the Greek form of "Mashiach"; it is not a
> >name but a function and a title. You may disagree on whether Jesus
> >of Nazareth can be identified as the Christ/Messiah/Mashiach or
> >given this title, and you may disagree with Harold's teaching about
> >the role of the Christ/Messiah/Mashiach (based on the New
> >Testament), but it makes a nonsense to suggest that Christ and
> >Mashiach are different concepts.
> >
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> >Peter Kirk
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