[b-hebrew] Yom Kippur

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sat Aug 28 21:41:11 EDT 2004

Well, then, the "Greek" form of Mashiach does not know, consider or 
define, "Mashiach" properly.  Mashiach has certain functions to 
perform, it is not just a general idea.  Christ fulfilled none of 
them, therefore those who think Christ and Mashiach are not different 
concepts, either do not understand the concept of Mashiach, or would 
like to supplant the Jewish ideas of Mashiach, with their own ideas 
of Christ.


>> Jeremiah was talking about life after Mashiach, not Christ.  When 
>>all people will know who G-d is......
>But "Christ" is simply the Greek form of "Mashiach"; it is not a 
>name but a function and a title. You may disagree on whether Jesus 
>of Nazareth can be identified as the Christ/Messiah/Mashiach or 
>given this title, and you may disagree with Harold's teaching about 
>the role of the Christ/Messiah/Mashiach (based on the New 
>Testament), but it makes a nonsense to suggest that Christ and 
>Mashiach are different concepts.
>Peter Kirk

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