[b-hebrew] "Species" of the Genitive Waltke/O'Connor

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sat Aug 28 07:03:23 EDT 2004

On 28/08/2004 03:17, Harold R. Holmyard III wrote:

> ...
> HH: You may be saying that such categories do not, strictly speaking, 
> have objective reality; there is no particular marker for them, 
> perhaps, beyond the complexities of context. I'm aware of that, but it 
> is still the case that there are repeated ways in which the genitive, 
> accusative, and nominative are used in Hebrew that it is good for one 
> to know. That is what the "species of genitive" really signifies. Now 
> the number of categories derived, and their particular nature, can 
> vary in validity, but I would not want to leave the student without an 
> acquaintance with such nuanced delineations of usage.

I would suggest that the best way for students to acquire "an 
acquaintance with such nuanced delineations of usage" is to read the 
text for themselves, repeatedly and in large chunks, rather than to rely 
on seminary handouts.

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