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>>What did Josephus know about the Hebrew calandar? We have indication that 
>>it had ceased to be used 500 years before Josephus. Even in Tanakh, the 
>>post-exilic writings named the months according to Aramaic names, indicating that 
>>the Hebrew calandar was already then not being used, let alone centuries 
>>later. That will also explain why for your claim that most historical mentions of 
>>Hebrew religious feasts don’t coincide with the first and seventh months.
>This is easily answered.  The Torah does not mention any months by 
>names--only numbers, just as the ancient Egyptians did until quite late. ...

This is not true. See for example Exodus 13:4, 23:15, 34:18, verses 
which I referred to before, which mention the month of Abib by name. I 
suppose you might claim that this is not a name, but even though XODE$ 
HF)FBIYB probably means "the month of barley ears" (or even if it does 
mean "the month of the spring solstice"), it is still a conventional 
designation and so a name.

>... However, 
>Josephus can have known that the month once known by a number came to be called 
>"Pharmouti" and the new calendar of the Hebrews, which was both a lunar and a 
>solar one, had a month with a number that later came to be called "Nisan".  
>"Aviv" perhaps refers to the spring soltice, although I have nothing firm to say 
>about that subject.

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