[b-hebrew] "Species" of the Genitive Waltke/O'Connor

Trevor Peterson abuian at access4less.net
Fri Aug 27 17:29:43 EDT 2004

C. Stirling Bartholomew wrote:

> D.Blakemore* at the end of her chapter on "Enrichment" raises the issue of
> the semantic properties of the genitive in a way which suggests that what
> Waltke/O'Connor call "a traditional classification of species" is in fact
> something to be embarrassed about.
> Someone from the "Relevance Theory" crowd needs to write a syntax on Hebrew
> (and Greek).    

Could you elaborate on your point here? What do you think relevance 
theory is going to accomplish that avoids the need to talk about 
semantics? I recognize the pedagogical dangers that can come from this 
kind of categorization, but are you denying the value of examining and 
categorizing different ways that a genitive construction can be used?

Trevor Peterson

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