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> > Who are you now?  Rohl's lawyer?  You are carrying this whole "Rohl thing"
> > you have got too far.  You would be better off saving this kind of stuff
> > for the Yahoo group dedicated to this author.  Rohl, "Pharaohs and Kings",
> > page 364: "At the beginning of our journey back in time I promised you 
> that
> > we would stand together before the cult statue of Joseph and look upon the
> > likeness of this remarkable legendary figure from the past.  With the
> > advent of modern computer technology I am able to keep my promise."
> This quotation is badly out of context.  He's talking about restoring what 
> the 
> statue probably looked like in ancient time, and the overall context, as 
> Peter showed, makes it clear that he admits he's speculating about it being 
> Joseph at all.  Anybody can make a text say anything they want if they just 
> take a snip-snip here and a snip-snip there without regard to context, but 
> that doesn't make their analysis correct. 

The quote I gave seem fairly unambiguous to me.  How does one promise readers 
that they will stand before the cult statue of Joseph when one doesn't really 
know for sure if the statue actually represents Joseph?  And why would such a 
promise be made in the first place?  I'll leave it to you to explain that.  
And please explain why Rohl, on page 390 would make a heading in bold type "The 
Tomb of Joseph" when there is nothing to indicate that the tomb found by 
Manfred Bietak actually belonged to Joseph?  e head and a shoulder is all that was 
left?   And why does he go to the trouble of having made an elaborate 
computerized "reconstruction" of a statue of which nothing remains except the head 
and one shoulder--then putting on the front of the piece the Egyptian name of 
Joseph theorized as "Ipi-ankh" by Kitchen--not from the statue itself, but from 
what is written in the Bible?  Here is a link to the process:


I'll leave it to others to decide just how authentic such a "reconstruction" 
could possibly be.

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