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>...  Now 
>Josephus wrote that the Exodus, which he believed had taken place in the time 
>of Ahmose I, occurred during the month of Pharmouti which, in a Pefect Year, 
>would have fallen in the Winter Season, being its last month.  However, during 
>the time of Ahmose I, judging by the concordance given in Year 9 of his 
>successor, Amenhotep I, Pharmouti would have fallen in April of the Julian 
>calendar.  However, the pRhind, which relates the attack of Ahmose on the Hyksos 
>strongholds and hints at some bad weather happening at the same time, says this 
>occurred during the first month of Inundation--this being September by the Julian 
>calendar at the time. ...

The primary document about the Exodus, the Book of Exodus itself (12:2, 
13:4, 23:15, 34:18), gives a clear date in the 1st month Abib of the 
Hebrew year, and the unbroken Pesach tradition places that in the spring 
i.e. March-April, at the time when Pesach is still celebrated. The 
calendar of 23:14-17 and its elaborations elsewhere in the Torah clearly 
associate the Exodus with springtime.

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