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Hallo Dora Smith,

you have misunderstood me. In my reconstruction was the exodus at the same time of the year as reconstructed by the repartition of the Theran ashes following the prevailing winds in September over the Mediteranean. Due to many details in the Exodus story one has to redate this event to July-September too.

My point is that the winds can influence only the repartition of such volcanic material which was ejected in the lower athmospheric strata. Such powerfull outbursts sent into the stratosphere, producing also climatic changes as observed in the tree-rings, are not under the influence of these wind, which are a topic regarding only the lower atmospheric regions.

It is nothing exceptional to expect from the Theran eruption such a mixed behaviour, that not all eruptive material is sent high. As said, this is a matter of ballistics, of how powerfull and under which angle such a shot is sent.

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Bányai Michael

> The geographic distribution of the ash is a given.  We know exactly what
> that is.  Clearly ash went much more and farther in one direction than the
> toher - and in the farther direction it travelled far indeed.
> The quote attempts to guess what time of year the eruption occurred at by
> explaining the prevailing weather pattern.    I don't think one could
> guarantee there wasn't a gale at a funny time of year or whatever, but it
> basically makes sense to me.
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> Dora Smith
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> Dear Marianne,
> > However, the cloud seems to have stopped at Melos, an island only sixty
> miles
> > to the west of Thera.  But ashes were deposited hundreds of miles to the
> > east.  That means the headwinds from the west must have been very strong
> at the
> > time, these squalls being a September through November occurrence on the
> Aegean.
> This the wrong reasoning. Of course that for the Theran outbursts not having
> reachead higher strata  would the direction of the wind at the time of the
> outburst be important and would redirect them. These "low" outbursts would
> also according to the laws of ballistic be also the shortest in the reach of
> the volcano. Such ones under the correct angle and powerfull enough to reach
> higher strata would be completely independent of the winds and reach more
> remote regions.
> So what happened on Melos is typical for a "low" shot. The rest depends om
> the volcano itself.
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> Bányai Michael
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