[b-hebrew] Shishak

J. Raymond Kelley jraykelley at prodigy.net
Fri Aug 27 01:42:24 EDT 2004

Uri Hurwitz wrote:

>Brian Roberts <formoria at carolina.rr.com> wrote, inter alia:
>".... your post has an elitist tone which is quite 
>disturbing. Scholars are not a priesthood who can only be questioned 
>seriously by other priests. We must not undervalue the perspective of 
>the fresh eye, no matter whence it comes...."
>Now this point of view is quite refreshing. To follow it through why reject Valikovsky, isn't that too a bit elitist? And while we are at it, how about Nostradamus?

Or Copernicus?  Or Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar? 

If two is the magic number of examples ...


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