[b-hebrew] Shishak

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Thu Aug 26 21:12:23 EDT 2004

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uhurwitz at yahoo.com writes:

> ".... your post has an elitist tone which is quite 
> disturbing. Scholars are not a priesthood who can only be questioned 
> seriously by other priests. We must not undervalue the perspective of 
> the fresh eye, no matter whence it comes...."
> Now this point of view is quite refreshing. To follow it through why reject 
> Valikovsky, isn't that too a bit elitist? And while we are at it, how about 
> Nostradamus?

Well, both have their fans to this very day ;-)  Velikovsky was a brilliant 
man and quite intuitive in many respects, but his methodology was slipshod and 
full of suppositions, too.  He was like the guy who shoots the arrow into the 
tree and then paints the bullseye around it.  Having said that, I think his 
equating Akhenaten with Oedipus was very interesting and I have to admit I am in 
his corner on that one, given what is known about Akhenaten and his family.  

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