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On 26/08/2004 21:50, Peter Kirk wrote:

> On 26/08/2004 20:32, MarianneLuban at aol.com wrote:
>> ...
>> I am not tossing any missiles.  I just gave views.  The Bible 
>> dictionary in which I looked up "Pu'ah" was compiled by James P. 
>> Boyd, hopefully an expert.  He treats the Pu'ah of Exodus and the 
>> Puah of Judges as the same name. ...
> This is sufficient to prove that he is not an expert, indeed that he 
> hasn't even looked at the Hebrew text. You don't get scholarship for 
> $3.99 (which I found it offered for); that's the price of a reprint of 
> a second rate 19th century work (although I wasn't actually able to 
> confirm that this is the original date of this work).

I found the following on the Internet:

> The Self-Pronouncing Bible Dictionary, by James P. Boyd (copyright 1896)

> The Peoples Pocket Dictionary of the Holy Bible as Every Day Companion 
> for Teachers and Readers of the Scriptures
> Boyd, James P.
> ... L.W. Walter Company 1878. 

and the same title

> Philadelphia and Chicago: P.W. Ziegler & Co. 1888.

I guess what you have is a reprint of one or other of these. Prices at 
abebooks start at just $1.

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