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>>Answer me this: Is Rohl a trained Egyptologist?
>To the best of my recollection, Rohl wrote his "Pharaohs and King" while 
>going for his Masters in Egyptology, which can be achieved in a single year in the 
>UK.  In fact, that is the duration of the Master in Egyptology program at the 
>London college which he attended.   Whether by now he has the doctorate or 
>not--I don't know.  But what I said below still goes--for people who write in 
>the field of Egyptology, formally trained or otherwise.
 From the title page of "A Test of Time" (which is the same as "Pharaohs 
and Kings"):

"David took his degree in Egyptology and Ancient History at University 
College, London, between 1987 and 1990, where he is currently completing 
a doctoral thesis." The book is copyrighted 1995. It takes at least 
three years to complete a PhD by thesis in England. Even if the book was 
delayed, this implies something like six years of study of Egyptology at 
one of its most prestigious institutions.

Of course it is hard to actually get a PhD by thesis if one's results 
disagree with the presuppositions of the examiners.

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