[b-hebrew] Yom Kippur

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 23/08/2004 01:14, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> ...
> Jeremiah was talking about life after Mashiach, not Christ.  When all 
> people will know who G-d is......
But "Christ" is simply the Greek form of "Mashiach"; it is not a name 
but a function and a title. You may disagree on whether Jesus of 
Nazareth can be identified as the Christ/Messiah/Mashiach or given this 
title, and you may disagree with Harold's teaching about the role of the 
Christ/Messiah/Mashiach (based on the New Testament), but it makes a 
nonsense to suggest that Christ and Mashiach are different concepts.

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