[b-hebrew] Gen. 1.21, Winged Birds

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Thu Aug 26 06:48:49 EDT 2004

At 06:52 26/08/2004, Dan and/or Nancy Storm wrote:

>However, with the construct state, the second noun takes the definite 

No, it doesn't.

 > kol hanabi<  means " the voice of a prophet ", whereas > kol nabi < 
means " a voice of a prophet " or as Lambdin clearly states in s.68:
 >> The definiteness of the entire expression depends on the second noun: 
if it is made definite with the article or a prope name, the first is also 
definite <<

>And even then we would have to translate the words something like "bird of 
>a wing". Since the definite article is lacking here, I am assuming that we 
>can safely rule out the construct state.

Your assumption is based on a false premise, and so falls.

Look up  'OF in Brown, Driver, and Briggs and you will see:  >> abs. Gn 
1:20 +, cstr. v 21 <<

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