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Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Thu Aug 26 06:42:33 EDT 2004

At 06:46 26/08/2004, Dan and/or Nancy Storm wrote:

>Mansoor uses the term "construct state" in his beginning grammar, but 
>there is no such listing in Gesenius. By what other name(s) does this 
>grammatical construction go by?

If you go to Gesenius s.  27 c you will find:
 >>   these tone-long vowels mostly revert to their original shortness, or, 
occasionally, are still further shortened, or reduced to mere shewa mobile, 
or, finally, are entirely lost through a change in the division of 
syllables; e.g.  <snip> when in close dependence on a following genitive in 
the construct state), becomes ,,,,,,,,,,,,

In s. 79b you will find:
 >> On the other hand, several changes in the forms of nouns are occasioned 
by the additions of the plural, dual, and feminine terminations, as well as 
of the pronominal suffixes, and also by the close connexion of two nouns, 
by means of the construct state. <<

But, most importantly, the paradigms given in s. 95 u actually show a 
singular absolute _and_ construct, ditto for plurals.

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