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Tue Aug 24 14:16:00 EDT 2004

I can not subscribe to the words of Dora Smith.

The data from Greenland ice-cores, or C14 isotopes, are quite consistently stretching between 1650 and 1598 BC. A number of younger dates, which came to be known first, are probably due to posteruptional vegetal growth, not dating the eruption itself.

The best presentation of the material is to be found in Sturt Manning´s book "A test of time: The Absolute Chronology of the Aegean Early Bronze Age", his website is for the momemt offline. Manning is an expert in Aegean prehistory and maintains that Theran LMIA is not contemporary with Egyptian 18-th Dynasty but largely predates it. It is rather covering the 2nd intermediate period in Egypt, thus MBIIB.

The number of the publications goes into the plaetora:

New data about climatically-effective volcanic eruptions during the past several thousand years may be contained in frost-damage zones in the annual rings of [pine] trees. There is good agreement in the timing of frost events and recent eruptions, and the damage can be plausibly linked to climatic effects of stratospheric aerosol veils on hemispheric and global scales. The cataclysmic proto-historic eruption of Santorini (Thera), in the Aegean, is tentatively dated to 1628-26 BC from frost-ring evidence."
- V.C. LaMarche, Jr. and K.K. Hirschboeck, 1984. "Frost rings in trees as records of major volcanic eruptions", Nature, v. 307, 121-126.
- Stanley and Cheng have published the discovery of Theran ashes in the Delta C14 datable into the same time frame
- Ice core rigs attributed by Prof. C. Hammer to the Theran eruption 1628 have been shortly reattributed to the eruption of the Alaskan volcano Anakciak by N.Pearce. This means however nothing for the date of the Theran eruption, since no ice core rigs can be attributed to this eruption at a later time point either. But even here we could hear a retort from other scientists.

Thus uit not worth to speak - at the moment - about an 18-th dynasty date of the eruption.

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