[b-hebrew] Timing of Thera volcano

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I have references to those studies somewhere; possibly not in electronic

But they are not ironclad; there is no reliable way to date them from the
present.   There isn't  a true calendar going back to 1600 BCE.

I don't konw if you are aware of all of the archeological work on the
subject.  Some of it places the Thera eruption pretty closely by pure logic.

Pumice from the eruption was used in temple workshops belonging to the
reigns of sometime between Thutmoses I and Thutmosis III.   That does not
necessarily mean it happened only a short time before then.

However, we know that a generation or two after Thera, Mycenaens conquered
Crete.   Artwork of Minoans and their sailing vessels in tombs of Tuthmosis
III and  his mother, and their officials, show that this changeover occurred
at some time during their reigns.   This does cover a considerable period of

Similarly, pottery and whatnot bearing their names turns up in Mycenean
ruins on Crete, I believe I have that all right.

So Thera probably occurred between the reign of Ahmoses I (maybe even his
expulsion of the Hyksos), and the early part of the reign of Tuthmosis III.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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> All of the archeological evidence about the date of this volcano is
> suspect. A conclusive way to date the Thera volcano may be through study
> of ice cores from Greenland, Antarctica or other places that can date
> volcanic events by comparison with more recent and more precisely known
> events that are recorded in the ice cores. Does anyone know of such
> studies and do you have references to them?
> On Mon, 23 Aug 2004, Karl Randolph wrote:
> > Marianne:
> >
> > If as you claim below, Exodus mentions phenomena consistant with the
Theran eruption, and those phenomena were also connected timewise with
Ahmoses' attack on the Hyksos' strongholds, you have just made my point that
the Exodus under Moses occured under the last or next to last Hyksos pharaoh
(next to last, if the pharaoh of the Exodus was killed as mentioned in
Exodus, and his successor ruled for only a short period before being
> >
> > Karl W. Randolph.
> >
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> > >
> > > > I suppose you miss the point Marianne. You use the stratum where the
> > > > pumice was found as a marker for the date as the eruption took place
> > >
> > > No.  I am no vulcanologist.  I do not place the eruption of Thera at
> > > Don't confuse me with Manfred Bietak.  I have used the eruption as a
> > > for nothing.  The only thing I did in my book was discuss the theories
of others
> > > as to whether this "tempest" described at Karnak by Ahmose (and also
> > > at by the pRhind when the onslaught of the Hyksos strongholds took
place) can
> > > have had anything to do with the final eruption of Thera in
antiquity--and the
> > > phenomena described in the BOE.  Some say "yes"--others "no".  It has
> > > an ongoing debate in the journals.  I tend to side with the "yes"
> > > contingent--because I have faith that the Torah would not describe
things that seem so
> > > connected with a natural disaster for no reason at all.  Hail, raining
soot and
> > > darkness for three days don't happen every day in Egypt.
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