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> And now a few questions:
> 1. What's the conventional wisdom on the length of Sheshonq I's reign?
> Manetho gives him 21 years, and the Silsileh quarry inscription is dated to
> his 21st year. However Wente and Redford claim that he ruled 33 years.

While there were four kings named Sheshonq, I presume you mean Sheshonq II.  
The length of his rule is certain open to question.  Clayton just assigns him 
"c. 890".

> 2. What is the correct spelling of his name: Shoshenq, Sheshonq or Shoshenk?
> I know that the Egyptian is written almost without vowels - so how could
> anyone know? What are the reasons for translating the final consonant as Q
> or K?

When Egyptologists aren't certain how something is spelled, they simply 
insert the defualt vowel "e".  Personally, in this case I don't even know where the 
"o" is derived from.  However, in this case the writing definitely contains 
the grapheme /q/--which is distinct from /k/--but sometimes these are 

> 3. Is there any independent evidence for the date of his campaign to Israel,
> that is NOT based on the biblical description?
> Thank y'all.

Yes, there is the triumphant relief at Karnak, partially damaged, showing the 
Canaanite town he captured.

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