[b-hebrew] "Digging up the Bible"

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Sun Aug 22 11:09:31 EDT 2004

David Meadows in this week's edition of " Explorator " has a link to a 
shortened version of an essay "Digging Up the Bible"  by David 
Hazony  available on the "Forward" website at: 

The full version ( published in "Azure" # 16 ) can be read on the "Azure" 
web-site at: http://www.azure.org.il/16-editors.htm

The current issue of Azure ( # 18 ) has an essay by Ethan Dor-Shav on 
"Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and Timeless"


Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [ Bray, Ireland ]
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