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Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Sat Aug 21 18:10:00 EDT 2004

Peter Kirk wrote:
> So are you in fact agreeing with David Rohl that the Exodus took place 
> at the time of Dudimose at the end of the 13th dynasty? I know you don't 
> agree on the absolute date. 

Yes absolutely. It was a rather negative emotional experience the first moment as I read some of the statements of Rohl, I had arrived too but by painfull logical constructions, which Rohl produced by an ex nihil argumentation. It is still a wonder to see how little arguments actually Rohl needed to produce such provocating statements. If one takes a look at Thieles book about biblical chronology, one sees how such an argument has to work. So it is little wonder, besides the inherent faults of Rohl´s thesis, that he caused such a resistence in the establishment.

I need just a little adjustment of about 50 years or so for the beginning of the Hyksos dynasties (1622 BC). Quite feasible, I think.

> Do your literary references include 
> Manetho's to Tutimaos? 

Yes of course. Even if it is not essential for my construction.

How about Artapanus' link between Moses and 
> "Khenephres", perhaps = Sobekhotep IV? Of course there is a small 
> problem that there were no less than 12 Pharaohs between Sobekhotep IV 
> and Dudimose, rather a lot to squeeze into Moses' adult life. (But then 
> wonders can be done with co-regencies.)

I can read Artapanus just as an interesting statement impossible to check, but worth to remind. The chronology of the 13-th dynasty is indeed a mess, but in absence of powerfull data, or without knowing wherefrom did artapanus take his information, is silence the best reaction.I wouldn´t build my theory alone on such an argument. Maybe yes, mabe not.

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