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On 21/08/2004 22:02, Michael Banyai wrote:

>Dear Marianne,
> we are entirely sharing the same idea concerning the historicity of the exodus. As I see we just diferr about the concrete solution for this event, which we both conect with the eruption activity of the Theran vulcano. I am embracing the view that the exodus had to happen during the MBIIB-C as according also to Manning´s view this eruption hapenned. I found too literary references from this period most probably to be conected with the exodus. As a matter of fact, once one leaves aside the reference to an exodus 480 years before the building of the Jerusalem temple, are all chronological references in the biblical sources in favor of a high chronology. That is about 1622 BC.
So are you in fact agreeing with David Rohl that the Exodus took place 
at the time of Dudimose at the end of the 13th dynasty? I know you don't 
agree on the absolute date. Do your literary references include 
Manetho's to Tutimaos? How about Artapanus' link between Moses and 
"Khenephres", perhaps = Sobekhotep IV? Of course there is a small 
problem that there were no less than 12 Pharaohs between Sobekhotep IV 
and Dudimose, rather a lot to squeeze into Moses' adult life. (But then 
wonders can be done with co-regencies.)

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