[b-hebrew] Ark of the Covenant

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Fri Aug 20 15:04:00 EDT 2004

Dear Marianne,

I have read your addenda to your book. Interesting theory concerning the name of Joseph, but is it usual to read such names in Egyptian. I can not remember having read something similar. However interesting.

For your information, according to Sturt Manning, an expert on the matter, personal information to me, the Tel ed Daba pumice proves chemicaly not to be of Theran provenance, so it has no sense lowering the date of the Theran eruption.

The Theran eruption remains thus still cca. 1618 BC, and has nothing to do with the 18th dynasty.

Regarding Manetho, I have a much more nuanced opinion. I beleave he originally had to tell very much to us, but what we have is in parts no Manetho at all, but later Greek fake. So it requites much primary information to filter out what manetho is, what not. 

Josephus was practicing without knowing shadowboxing, calling his contrahent sometimes Manetho. It is a garbled selection made by Eratosthenes, going through the hands of Ephoros, both shamless forgers of the late antiquity.

Best regards,

Bányai Michael

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