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On 20/08/2004 18:06, MarianneLuban at aol.com wrote:

>>>> ... They ruled with Re, and he acted not with divine command 
>>down to 
>>>>the time of My Majesty.
>>> ...
>It is a typo--which should say "ruled without Re".  The implication is that 
>the foreigners, who did not acknowledge Re, were still in Avaris during 
>Hatshepsut's time
>(that time when she was the consort and co-regent of her own brother, 
>Thutmose II) and that it was she who had been able to restore the holy places in the 
>Delta by the grace of Re--because now they were gone.  A lot of time had gone 
>by since Ahmose.

OK, we have "They ruled without Re, and he acted not with divine command 
down to the time of My Majesty." Presumably that comma is Pritchard's, 
and it implies to me that "down to the time of My Majesty" does not 
apply to "They ruled without Re". Of course if the original Egyptian 
text implies that it does apply, you have a good case. But the English 
text you quoted as evidence does not say that.

>If the Hyksos had not returned--why didn't somebody else restore those 
>places?  I don't understand why it is so impossible for anybody to believe that this 
>happened. ...

I don't find it impossible to believe, I just haven't seen any 
convincing evidence for it.

And is it really impossible that Ahmose, Amenhotep I and Thutmose I left 
Avaris as an abandoned ruin? After all, it had been primarily the Hyksos 
capital. Those rulers were doubtless preoccupied with other matters like 
rebuilding a strong and united Egypt, and put restoration of a few 
ruined temples low on their list of priorities.

>...  We have the testimony of Manetho--and also the school of thought 
>represented by Artapanus et all that an exodus took place 490 years after 
>Abraham.  If you take the covenient datum of 2000 BCE for Abraham, ...

And what is your evidence for this one?

>... you get 1510 
>BCE--right in the reign of Thutmose II.  

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