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At 08:50 20/08/2004, George F. Somsel wrote:

>6:6 A. She goes out with a sela coin on a bunion
>B. Little girls go out with threads and ships in their ears.
>C. Arabian women go out veiled.
>Neusner, J. _The Mishnah:  A new translation_

I take it that your source for this was the Logos version of Neusner's 
volume, because my own Libronix program shows the same amusing literal. If 
anyone has the hardcopy of this book, could they check, please, to see if 
this was an original error, or a transcribing one?.

Here is the quotation from the Judaic Classics version of the Soncino 
Talmud [ Seder Mo'ed / Mas. Shabbath 65A ]

 >> Mishnah. She may go forth with the sela' (17) on a zinith [callus]. 
Young girls (18) may go out with threads, and even with chips in their 
ears.(19 )Arabian women may go forth veiled, and median women may go forth 
with their cloaks thrown over their shoulders.

(17) A coin.
(18) Lit., 'daughters'.
(19) To prevent the hole pierced for ear-rings from closing up.



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