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At 16:19 16/08/2004, Kimmo Huovila wrote:

>I am sorry for an off-topic question, butI have a vague memory that the 
>refers to veils as a piece of clothing, but I cannot find the references.

As a _piece of clothing_, this quotation from Sefer Ha-Aggadah ( Book of 
Legends ) may be what you are looking for:

 >>Sefer Ha-Aggadah

"Crown of Priesthood "Section 14
In the Chamber of Hewn Stone, the Great Sanhedrin of Israel used to sit and 
[among other matters] investigate the [lineage of] priests. A priest in 
whom a disqualification [in lineage]1483 was found would put on black 
garments, veil himself in black, and go away. He in whom no such 
disqualification was found would put on white garments, veil himself in 
white, go into the Temple area, and minister alongside his brother priests. 
They used to declare a day on which no disqualification was found in [the 
lineage of] any of the seed of Aaron the high priest a festal day and say: 
Blessed be He who is everywhere, blessed be He, that no disqualification 
has been found in the seed of Aaron. Blessed be He who has chosen Aaron and 
his sons to stand and serve before the Lord in the house most holy.

[ 1483 E.g., that his mother was a divorced woman ] <<

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