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On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:19:13 +0300 Kimmo Huovila
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> I am sorry for an off-topic question, butI have a vague memory that 
> the Mishna 
> refers to veils as a piece of clothing, but I cannot find the 
> references. 
> Could anyone help me out?
> Kimmo
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I don't see that there has been any response to this yet.

In "The second division: Appointed times" it says

6:1 With what does a woman go out, and with what does she not go out?
6:6 A. She goes out with a sela coin on a bunion
B. Little girls go out with threads and ships in their ears.
C. Arabian women go out veiled.

Neusner, J. _The Mishnah:  A new translation_


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