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Thu Aug 19 13:39:00 EDT 2004

Peter Kirk wrote:

> Thank you for your helpful reply. But can you explain this one? Where do 
> this date and the 7-daru period come from?

The 7-daru period is attested for the assyro-babylonian world and analysed in the CAH by Hildegard Levy (Cambridge Ancient History, vol. 1, part 2 (1971) “ Assyria c. 2600-1816 BCE”, Hildegard Lewy, pp. 740-741 and 761).

I was able to recognise this period of 350-years as calculated between two temple-dedications clearly for the late Israelite period and was able to demonstrate, despite the garbled nature of the early Israelite chronology, its existence for earlier periods too.

One could therefore theoretically assume, that some activities at the time of Joshua in Schechem, if historical, which clearly have a dedicatory character, where perceived by the people of the time, as following some previous temple-dedication - which was attributed by tradition to Abraham. In that case would have one in the time of Joshua have reckoned a 7-daru period till Abrahams reign.

According to my chronological reconstruction was Joshua active in Schechem around 1594 BC, the Exodus having been 1622 BC. The data concerning the patriarchs is certainly garbled, but such central events, like the dedication of a temple (look the long memory of the Assyrian when concerning such central questions) - who did it, who was involved - where object of a continuous tradition. We the knowledge of the 7-daru period in the hand, one could get a schematical view of chronology.

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