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> I know of Bietak´s pondering over the archaeological data. But first of all 
> Hatschepsut´s Speos Artemidos statement Hyksos were in Awaris, etc., etc. may 
> probably referr to previous times. 

Why?  That does not make much sense.  For all her hype about her own "divine 
right" to rule,  Hatshepsut was not about to make anybody forget the efforts 
of Kamose and Ahmose so soon.  There were still old soldiers around who had 
actually fought alongside those Theban princes.  Not everyone in AE died young, 
you know.
And here's another thing:  On his "Victory Stela" Kamose swore that Avaris 
was empty when he was done with it.  But, lo and behold, a few years later there 
was still an enemy at Avaris for his successor, Ahmose, to fight.

The range of the asiatic rebellion described by Thuthmosis III is north of 
the limit 
> set by Sharuchen. So are also the coalitionaries against him in the north. 
> So Awaris, should we identify it indeed with the site of later Pi-Ramesse 
> (what I don´t) was únder Egyptian controll. But even than, any other 
> identification of Awaris is incompatible with Thutmosis plus your theory.
> The situation after Ahmose describes for me as following. Two of the main 
> vassal-states of the Hyksos seceded, Egypt and Retenu. You read in a first 
> Egyptian-Hyksos encounter about seeing ships mooring in Awaris loaden with - I 
> suppose - the booty from Retenu. An other intention of the passus about the 
> ships in Awaris renders it insnificant. Apophis was in this moment apparently 
> surprised with his main army being abroad, operating in Retenu. Ahmosis fell 
> over Apophis while the later campaigned in Retenu, the same that the later 
> tryed to arrive with his sending of a messenger to the king of Kush: a classical 
> two-front war. The Egyptians hoped that after the defeat of the Hyksos and 
> marrying into the dynasty (Xrjt the daughter of an 3-wsr-Re (probably Apophis) 
> ) they would be accepted as the inheritors of the Hyksos asiatic realm, what 
> simply didn´t happen. Retenu went its own ways, and the Egyptians arranged 
> themselves with the situation, maybe even by offering them help against Mitanni 
> on the Euphrates line.

All this is pure speculation, I'm afraid.  Documented nowhere.

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