[b-hebrew] Re: Davka

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Thu Aug 19 11:16:24 EDT 2004

Hi, Yigal - welcome back

It is so easy to misunderstand emails, I'm sorry I wasn't clear.

I didn't take Marianne's statement as belittling the law, I thought I was
AGREEING with Marianne, til she got so angry at me......

The Torah is more than the law, ie; "goes beyond the law", since the law is
Davka for the purpose, etc. etc. etc. (of connecting us to the Divine, ie;
the holiness of the Torah)

Now I still owe you a response to the email you sent before you took a break
for a few days......

Have been very very busy, since my children are leaving for schools for the
year, one to Binghamton U, and the other to a Yeshiva in Tzefat.


What she meant was that the purpose of the law was "precisely" in order to
connect us to the divine. this was in reaction to Marianne's statement that
the Torah goes beyond the Law, which Shoshanna took as belittling the law


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